Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I decided to make my blog for no reason because I like to share stuff I guess. This is mainly going to be a site where I talk about K-pop and K-music and review stuff. I’m going to keep things as serious as possible so none of the gifspamming and oppashit you see on other blogs/tumblr. I mean it. Things will get silly from time to time and that’s alright and I will hate on some things. I’m not shy about my opinions on some things and you shouldn’t be hurt by them because that’s what they are: opinions.
Anyway, welcome and I hope you like it here. I’ll update as much as possible when I can with more delicious goodness. Chances are you got here via my last.fm so you probably know me a bit.
Yeah, that’s about it. My first posts will be about my top 10 K-pop releases of 2011. I’m still working on a list of my essential K-pop albums so I’ll post that eventually. In the future. Maybe.

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