Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunny Hill – The Grasshoppers

I’m honestly surprised by the number of great singles being released so early in 2012 compared to the beginning of 2011 where only a few releases really caught my attention. Things did pick up more during the summer so I’m grateful for that.
Sunny Hill’s MV truly complements this release’s title track. A song about the classic tale of the ant and the grasshopper with a twist, everything about this is extremely well done and thought out. The MV’s teaser actually served as a prologue to the story depicted in the MV, which is something we rarely see and I thought incredibly interesting.
The first two tracks aren’t as good as The Grasshopper Song, but they’re far from bad. They feel a little slow in comparison and don’t feel like they were made with as much love, but that’s quite alright because The Grasshopper Song more than makes up for that slight lack. The song starts off really slowly with a teensy bit of guitar and we can hear some slow, sad violin playing in the background during most of the song, even when the beat picks up. The violin and slow beginning to the song, to me, feel like the beginning of the hard, cold winter ahead. However, as the beat overtakes the violin, so does the overall emotion of the track.
The ants, here, are safe and have plenty to last them through the winter but they aren’t truly happy. However, we see the grasshoppers in the MV dancing, singing and living an overall happier life than the ants in their boring wooden houses. Janghyun (the main ant) is the only one here who dares go out into the world and is amazed by what he had been missing out on. In the end, he realizes this isn’t the life he wants for himself and goes out to become a grasshopper.
Sunny Hill’s a great group that’s often overlooked, which is a little sad considering the quality of their work. The first video is the teaser/prologue and the second is the MV.
1. 나쁜 남자
2. 술래잡기
3. 베짱이 찬가
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