Friday, February 3, 2012

Miryo – MIRYO a.k.a JOHONEY

Release: 2012-02-01
Genres: Pop, hip-hop
Runtime: 19:01
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I won’t lie when I say I was somewhat disappointed by this at first. I was expecting so much more from what I consider the best girl group rapper around. Miryo usually brings quite a lot to BEG and her role as the group’s rapper seems much more justified than in a lot of other groups. She released a few videos of her rapping in front of her webcam a while back but I can’t find them anymore. But they were pretty nice.
But her solo album isn’t really a rap album. It’s a pop/dance/hip-hop album with rapping here and there. I guess it can’t be helped, but having one or two tracks of solid rapping to show off her skills would have been nice. With this, I can’t really judge her rapping. As much as I seem to dislike “MIRYO a.k.a JOHONEY”, it’s still a nice piece.
After each listen, my appreciation for the album grew by a fair bit. The only track that stood out to me after the first listen was Party Rock, the first track. Parts of it sound oddly like Moves Like Jagger of Maroon 5. One of my friends even asked if I was listening to Moves Like Jagger. I honestly hadn’t seen the resemblance until they mentioned it, but you’ll hear it as well if you listen to the two tracks in succession.
Dirty is the other track that I enjoy. Even before seeing the MV (which is pretty cool too), I thought it was ok even if it felt extremely slow when you listen to Party Rock before it. After that, the whole thing just feels like it loses speed, finally ending with Leggo. The third and fourth tracks just feel much, much weaker in comparison to the three other tracks I mentioned earlier. But out of five tracks, I think two good tracks and one ok track isn’t so bad. Maybe my expectations were too high, which is usually the case.
I like it even if I doubt I’ll be looping it a month from now. Maybe I’ll go back to Leggo and Party Rock every now and then.
Decent album. Nothing amazing, nothing terribly awful either. I really would’ve appreciated a few solo rap tracks though…
  1. Party Rock (Feat. Gary Of Leessang & THE KOXX)
  2. DIRTY
  3. 사랑해 사랑해 (Feat. Sunny of SNSD)
  4. Revenger (Feat. Rude Paper)
  5. Leggo (Feat. Narsha Of BEG)

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