Friday, April 6, 2012

Urban Romantic City – Urban Beats Vol. 1

Release: 2010
Genre: Jazz/Hip-Hop/Chill
Runtime: 50:14
Download (192) / Second Album (Variable)


This is an album that is apparently a free download on this group’s Facebook page but I couldn’t get the link to work so I uploaded it myself. I’ve also included a link to their second album at the top of the post. Anyway, this is just a little discovery I’ve made I felt needed to be shared. It’s also great to see artists giving away their music like this. Hard not to respect any artist who does this, really.
I’ve been listening to this for the majority of the day and I don’t need to say that it is something to help shake some of the stress away. If you enjoy artists such as TOKiMONSTA or Nujabes, then I’m certain this is something you’ll appreciate as well. Apparently someone even tagged her profile as “Nujabes”, heh…
    1. Welcome 2 URC (Intro)
    2. Luv Emotion
    3. Everlasting Moments
    4. U & I
    5. Very Very Strawberry
    6. Voice Of Mamiya
    7. Open Ur Heart
    8. Skoolin  Da Jazz
    9. Laundry
    10. I Really Luv U ♡
    11. Candy
    12. Come 2 Me
    13. Romantic City
    14. Kiss The Sky
    15. Until The End
    16. See U Again  (Outro)

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