Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paloalto – Footprint

Release: 2004
Genre: Hip-Hop/Jazz
Runtime: 35:06
Download (192)
Rating: 8/10
Don’t share hip-hop that often so I thought this’d be a nice change from the usual. Tracklist and sample after the break as usual. Enjoy.
I just realized I didn’t take the caps off of the titles so you’ll have to re-tag yourself if it bothers you.
  1. Young Poets (Feat. The Quiett, 성문)
  2. It Ain’t No Eazy Pt.II
  3. Unspoken Language (Inst.)
  4. 비오는 날 (Feat.. Elcue)
  5. 술주정
  6. Candy Girl (Show Me Ya Luv)
  7. Sometimes
  8. Memoriez (Feat. The Quiett)

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