Thursday, July 12, 2012

Asoto Union – Sound Renovates A Structure

Release: 2003
Genre: Funk
Runtime: 46:29
Download (320)
Don’t worry, haven’t given up on the blog. But working 55 hours in a week doesn’t give me much time to look for music and stuff. So anyway, yeah. This album isn’t anything that’ll blow anyone away but it’s still a nice listen if you’re in a funky jazz sort of mood. There are a few generic funk tracks on here but I think the rest of the album is pretty nice and managed to keep my attention well enough. Am I writing a fucking review? I gotta stop that. Embarassing.
Also I just realized 2003 was almost a decade ago. Fuck.
1. ..Sound Renovates A Structure Intro
2. We Don't Stop Feat. 이주한 
3. Make It Boogie (We've Got Funky Jazz)
4. Liquid
5. Think About'chu 
6. Dynamite
7. Blow Ma Mind Feat. T
8. Smood Feelin
9. Mad Funk Camp All Starz Feat. Dynamic Duo
10. A.U.Theme Feat. Shadow


  1. Thanks for uploading it and with such high quality, was hard to find!

  2. The decade ago thing is fucked up, also it's pretty depressing these don't have any other releases (none that I know of anyway). Thanks for the upload.

  3. thanks for the cd.
    they actually became "windi city" is a nice reggaei vibe band.

  4. Do you have their festa in neverland album? ㅠㅗㅠ

  5. yo! I thank you the upload!

    with love,

  6. thank you very much. what a pleasure!