Monday, January 30, 2012

Lee Ji Soo – First Time

Release date: 2005-01-14
Genre: Instrumental, classical, OST
Runtime: 37:37
Download (FLAC)

This is the third album from composer/pianist Lee Ji Soo. If you’ve ever listened to the Korean drama Winter Sonata, you’ll immediately recognize most of the pieces on here. If you haven’t watched Winter Sonata yet, I highly recommend it. Probably my favorite romantic drama of all time and it’s only 20 episodes.
While this is an entirely instrumental album, you can also find the OST to Winter Sonata that has vocals on it. I prefer this one, however, as the soft, sad piano and accompanying violin reach much deeper than any tracks with vocals can ever hope to. Perhaps my attachment to this album is due to my attachment to the drama. Maybe it’s the other way around. Who knows? All I know is I absolutely adore this.
  1. Walking In The Snow
  2. 아직도 (겨울연가)
  3. 처음 (겨울연가)
  4. A Paper Boat
  5. 세레나데
  6. 여름향기2 (여름향기)
  7. Frei Aber Einsam
  8. Cries And Whispers (올드보이)
  9. 엘레지 (실미도)
  10. 기억
  11. 위안

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