Monday, February 27, 2012

Idiotape - 11111101

Release: 2011-11-15
Genre: Electronic, rock
Runtime: 54:33
Download (192)

Love it. It’s a tad bit long but it’s definitely interesting to listen to when I feel like listening to some instrumental music. Mostly bleeps and bloops mixed in with drums and guitars here and there and no vocals whatsoever. I didn’t expect much the first time I listened to this but the production quality of this is impressive. What else can I say? Listen to it, judge for yourself. It’s definitely something I see myself coming back to in the future.
  1. Pluto
  2. 080509
  3. Melodie
  4. Sunstep Strip
  5. Idio_T
  6. Heyday
  7. Toad Song
  8. Even Floor
  9. Wasted
  10. League

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  1. Could you reupload the DL for Idiotape's album? I really love the album but the link doesn't work :/