Saturday, February 25, 2012

8eight - 8eight

Release: 2011-06-21
Genre: Pop, ballad
Runtime: 18:40
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18 minutes of concentrated awesomeness. Even if you don’t like ballads so much, you can’t dislike this album. I sort of wish it was longer, but that’s a flaw I’m willing to ignore with the quality of everything on here. For serious. It’s one of those albums I can loop for hours and not get tired of and I’m really not the type of person to loop anything. Maybe I’m overdoing it a bit, though.
  1. 그 입술을 막아본다
  2. 그대는 정말 대단해요
  3. 노래도 슬픔은 못 고치네
  4. U Make Me Feel Brand New
  5. Dilemma

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