Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Click-B – Vol. 1

Release: 1999-08-31
Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop
Runtime: 43:52
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Haven’t had much time to post anything this week due to having a crazy schedule. So sorry about that.
Click-B is an iconic group from the late 90s, early 2000s. If you want an idea of what this album is like, try to think of a combination of Seo Taiji, S.E.S and H.O.T. For some reason, despite their popularity, their albums are extremely difficult to find in reasonable quality. I managed to find the rest of their albums but they were so baddly tagged and missing tracks so I gave up on them and deleted them.
Anyway, I forgot what I wanted to discuss. While still technically active, they haven’t released anything in recent years other than a few singles and a remake album. While I deleted the other albums I had from them for the reasons above, I still listened to them and this one is among my favorites.
Fun little piece if you enjoy that early 2000s sound.
  1. One
  2. 행운
  3. Dreamming
  4. 잊혀진 사랑
  5. 지금까지만
  6. 배려
  7. Promise
  8. You
  9. 마지막 선물
  10. 마치 영화처럼
  11. Good bye
I tried not to go overboard on highlighting tracks but I just couldn’t hold back.

The quality here isn’t too good but finding stuff by them on Youtube can be a pain in the rear-end.

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