Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sentimental Scenery – Soundscape

Release: 2011-04-19
Genre: Electronic, easy listening
Runtime: 51:08
Download (320)

My favorite album by Sentimental Scenery, Soundscape is simply wonderful. Even with his latest release, I still think this one is his best piece of work. That’s not to say his other albums aren’t all good as I think he always manages to produce top quality music. I think his sound is somewhat similar to Nujabes which is only a compliment.
The only thing I wish this album had are instrumental versions of all the tracks as the vocals tend to make it difficult to focus on everything else going on in a track. Of course this isn’t a problem with every track, but it sometimes feels like the vocals were glued onto the track after he was done working on the music itself.
Anyway, that’s a small complaint when you listen to the whole thing. Extremely beautiful and relaxing with slower tracks and some that are a bit faster paced.
Also, I think from now on I’ll bold out my favorite tracks in an album just because I can. Hot smile
  1. Spring Breeze (Feat. Mizuno Mari Of Paris Match)
  2. Tune Of Stars (Feat. Hee Young)
  3. Childhood
  4. Brand New Life (Feat. 타루)
  5. Glory Days
  6. Heavenly Sky (Feat. 심규선)
  7. Soundscape
  8. Blingbling (Feat. 타루)
  9. Ashes of Love (Original Ver.)
  10. Lost Paradise
  11. Moonlight (Feat. Mizuno Mari Of Paris Match)
  12. Finale