Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aquibird - Whose Dream

Release: 2008
Genre: Electronic/Jazz
Runtime: 29:42
Download (v0)
Rating: 7.33/10

I had to fix the post at first because I was about to write “whore’s dream” so people would’ve been confused thinking it was an album by Suzy of Miss A.
I like this album a lot. I think their 2011 album, “오! 소소” is a bit softer than this one and a bit longer. Anyway, all their albums are pretty darn good and worth checking out.
  1. Great Ulubella
  2. Kiss Me
  3. Whose Dream
  4. Lady Jane
  5. One More Chance
  6. Celebration
  7. ChaChaMango
  8. Closer

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