Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blue Sorbet – Melodical Sounds of the Taste

Release: 2007
Genre: Electronic
Runtime: 50:57
Download (192)
Rating: 6.8/10


Been busy as hell lately so I haven’t had the time to really post anything here and trust me, there’s still quite a bit of stuff I want to post on here. Wish I was inspired enough to post something other than neat little tier lists and album uploads but I’m only one person and thinking up interesting posts can take a lot of time. I guess someday I’ll manage to make this blog something other than a collection of MF links hah.
  1. Love Start (Intro)
  2. Satisfy Me
  3. Blue Street
  4. 그 남자가 자꾸
  5. Confession
  6. In The Club
  7. Scarlet
  8. Auditory Hallucination
  9. Change (Skit)
  10. Come On And Dance Me
  11. Please…
  12. L Hip Hop
  13. In Life
  14. Over
  15. Station 9 (Satisfy Me Remix)


  1. Satisfy Me is seriously too good.

    Would love to get their newest album but I can't find it anywhere.

    1. I know someone who had it uploaded to Megaupload before it went down. I'll try to get in touch with him to see if he can send it to me so I can upload it to MF.