Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Green Tea - Heart

Release: 2008-04-02
Genre: Jazz, Bossa Nova
Runtime: 38:21
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This is an album I remember listening to a lot when I discovered it back in September of this year. I honestly love every track on here though Mimi Is Lonely and Big Mouth are probably my favorites. It’s a shame that the rest of their albums are so hard to find but I’ll definitely try to find the rest of their discography. I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth the effort! Also, take note that the sample I posted isn’t representative of the album as a whole but it’s a neat little remix that I enjoyed at the end of the album.
Anyway, I’ll upload something else tomorrow since I’ve been getting lazy and I really like sharing neat things for the handful of people that do visit. Next month (when my bandwidth limit resets, ha!) I’ll upload some K-pop essentials. I’ve already started with a few like KARA and GD&TOP but I’d like to do others to make it easier for people who are getting into the genre to find and download stuff without too much work on their part.
  1. Green Tea
  2. Love Is Magic (Feat Anders Edenroth) (The Real Group)
  3. Mimi Is A Lonely
  4. Soul Mates
  5. Big Mouth (Feat J. Ho)
  6. Électionprésidentielle
  7. Listen
  8. Do It Now
  9. Love Is Magic 2 (Feat Margareta Bengtson) (The Real Group)
  10. Électionprésidentielle (Cloud Remix)

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  1. Hello, thank you for putting this up, everything about this band is amazing. They are a project band from what I've read. Also their new album just came up, its really good.