Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Ji Eun - 지은

Release: 2007
Genre: Indie
Runtime: 42:57
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I actually found two album covers for this so I went with the one I personally liked the most. Anyway, this is one I’ve been wanting to share for a little while but never really got around to doing so until now… partly because I’d forgotten, too. But now I’ve got a nice little paper with all the stuff I like so I won’t forget about it in the future.
Most tracks feature interesting enough guitar and keyboard arrangements but where she truly shines the most is her voice and the range of emotions she  manages to convey. The whole 42 (almost 43) minutes is an interesting ride through a variety of styles. One second you’re in a soft song with slow, relaxing singing, the next you’re thrown into a happy song with a merry, light piano accompaniment. Sort of like being in the middle of winter and three minutes later, you’re watching the snow melt with birds chirping in nearby trees. While the end of the album feels distinctively sadder, it ends on a more positive note with “작은 방”.
Plus, it makes for some pretty nice reading music.

1 당신이 필요해요 (Heart-beat Mix)
2 華 (화)  
3 Love Song  
4  부끄러워  
6 길  
7 그냥 그런 거예요  
8 사계  
오늘은 하늘에 별이 참 많다   
10 The End Of Love Affair  
11 Wind Blows  
12 작은 방 

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